Brannan Kenny, Defined Learning

Pennsylvania Defined STEM representative
Rachel Omundson:

As STEM education becomes a higher and higher priority at both the state and federal levels, it is increasingly important for local educators to find new and innovative ways to involve their students in STEM programs. From elementary schools to undergraduate programs, there are always new industries, new technologies and new innovations for which students must be prepared. This professional development initiative has been designed to lead educators to a deep understanding of the what, why and how related to STEM education as well as how to use a web-based tool for creating and implementing challenge-based learning activities with their students.

  • STEM Education Background and Urgency
  • Training on the use of as a teaching and learning tool
  • Evaluation of DefinedSTEM through lens of best practices for teaching and learning

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What connections did you find to Webb's DOK, MI, DI and P21?

What Connections did you find to Webb, DI, MI, and 21st Century Learning? BVIU 27